Wednesday, August 9, 2017

3 Great YouTube tools to help you learn English

Here are three amazing tools that will help you learn English with YouTube videos. No registration needed!

Tubequizzard creates tests based on videos. You can choose the level and the skill you want to practise (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary or spelling) Click here.

Use Youglish to practise your pronunciation. Just type a word and it will take you to a YouTube video in the exact place where this word is pronounced. Click here.

And finally VoiceTube. It does loads of things. Just see for yourself. There's a demo video to show you how to use it. Click here.

Feedback would be appreciated, as usual (👀👂Anyone still there?)


  1. I follow Rachel's English, a YouTube account highly recommendable if you want to improve your english skills. She uploads explaining videos about pronunciation, very useful for our speaking tests.

  2. Yes, it's a great channel! Thanks, Mario. Lovely surprise to see you're still reading the blog! 😄

  3. I was traying with tubequizard this morning and it's absolutely useful.



    1. The three of them look very useful, I think. Great to see you here, Nelly! 😄