Friday, November 25, 2016

My favourite app listening

Click here if you want to repeat the listening we did in class.

And now try the exercises again:
Listen to Karen talking about her phone and answer the questions:
1. What personal information do we learn about her?
2. What kind of apps are these? What does she use them for?
a. Glimpse
b. Map my run
c. Word Streak

Listen again and fill in the gaps with the words you hear:
1.     For me, it’s an extra pair of hands and a _________________ in many situations.
2.     For my _____________, I’m in my 50s, that’s quite a lot.
3.     With the Glimpse app, you just press _____________ of video every day.
4.     It gives a very good ______________ and flavour of the holiday without boring your friends.
5.     It allows me to see in ____________ how far I have run that day.
6.     I can see that maybe I ______________ her on my run that day.
7.     I only do _______________ games.
8.     Most people would be _____________ with the game Boggle.

9.     I’m on my phone probably ____________ as I used to be before.

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